Labor Day Weekend
September 2-3, 2007
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Florita and I wanted to make something fun on our day off, and ended up with a southwestern theme. We did Chimichurri Steak as our main dish, with Spanish-style black beans and rice and Honey BBQ shrimp on the side. For desert we had some of the really good fruit things from Wegman's. We ended up using our little grill that we had picked up at the A&P (the pieces didn't fit right, the directions were for a different grill, etc) and despite our doubts (and last minute attempts to get something better), it worked out great. The meat sat a little too close to the fire, though, and one side got a little dark - it was still good though, and didn't get tough or nasty. I'd strongly recommend the beans and rice - they are easy to make and with some chicken or ham could make a meal in and of themself. I'll try to put the recipes up later.